Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Grace Family

Being completely honest, half of my excitement for doing this shoot of the adorable Grace family was because it meant I would get to see inside their house! I have an obsession with seeing the insides of houses in general (Sometimes I make Shawn drive around a block twice because we passed a house with their curtains open and I want to get a better look at the hutch in their living room). But I have a specific obsession with seeing the inside of this house. We walk by the Grace family's house several times a day on our way to and from the co-op we both go to, and we've briefly been inside the front room a few times for a quick play, and every single time I swoon. Getting to see the rest of it was a fantasy fulfilled!

It's the cutest little beach bungalow ever!

And I'm trying to figure out a way for them to want to give it to me.

And the other half of my excitement for doing this shoot of the adorable Grace family was because- they are the adorable Grace family! These guys are so lovely, and down-to-earth, and adorable. I had an editing crisis trying to do this blog post because I loved too many of them! They were just so lovely, and down-to-earth, and adorable in practically every picture I took of them. So, apologies for this rather lengthy post.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

My in-laws, in love.

Last time Shawn's parents were visiting they wanted me to take some "anniversary" pictures for them (it was still months away from their anniversary, but I guess when you've been married that long, it just always feels like a celebration . . . well, either that or they knew it would take me half a year to get them done so they figured it was perfect timing; that's probably the more likely scenario).

So here's a few snaps of them being extra cute when we were up in Calistoga this Spring. These two take good care of each other; they make each other laugh; and they still seem to genuinely enjoy being together every day, even after 43 years! I'm lucky to be in their family and have that example.