Wednesday, July 08, 2015

My in-laws, in love.

Last time Shawn's parents were visiting they wanted me to take some "anniversary" pictures for them (it was still months away from their anniversary, but I guess when you've been married that long, it just always feels like a celebration . . . well, either that or they knew it would take me half a year to get them done so they figured it was perfect timing; that's probably the more likely scenario).

So here's a few snaps of them being extra cute when we were up in Calistoga this Spring. These two take good care of each other; they make each other laugh; and they still seem to genuinely enjoy being together every day, even after 43 years! I'm lucky to be in their family and have that example.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Janae and baby Lincoln

My friend, fellow photographer, neighbor, and babysitting-trade mom, Janae, had the fantastic idea of doing a little mini-session for our 2nd babes. Those little seconds get the shaft in so many ways, she thought it would be nice to do something special just for them! So she photographed me and Wren one morning, and I photographed her and little Lincoln one afternoon. It was a fine idea!

Linc woke up from his nap a little confused as to what I was doing in his room (love the way he kept eyeballing me!) and then, seeing as how these babies are starting to not be so baby-ish, we got a few "last-chance" breastfeeding shots in. Lincoln rode his Radio Flyer, took some hand-held steps, played blocks, and snuggled and laughed with his mom- quite please with his time for just the two of them! :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cherniss girls, and a boy.

Hilary and I were pregnant with baby girls at the same time so I always felt this little connection with her, but really, we can hardly be considered in the same club- she was already a serious pro at this motherhood thing since it was her fourth baby, and I was still treading amateur territory! But still, I felt that connection simply because of the synchronized pregnancies and because I wanted to be like her- with a house full of littles.

That baby girl is 15 months now (here) and they wanted to do a photo shoot for her. Hilary thought this experience would cure me of my desire to add more, but nope, I loved it! All that energy, all that wrestling, all that laughter, all that hitting, all those moments around the kitchen island together, all that chaos, all those snuggles- I eat this stuff up! Photographing a house of six did nothing to lessen the fantasy. (This in no way means that we are having more children in any way, shape, or form- simply that I still want to!)

Anyway, I love this session. The day before we did it Hilary informed me that half the people in the house had facial wounds as a result of that bad little baby; I offered to reschedule but they said, nah! So here they are- bite marks, scratches, goose-egg forehead bumps, and all, hanging out at home on a Saturday afternoon.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Newborn Cora

And the follow-up to this photoshoot, is Cora! She was a full-blown, air-breathing human this time, plus all kinds of adorable!

With the growing numbers in this family, they are moving to a bigger house this week, which is why they really wanted to simply hang out at home for this photo session. This lil' beach house has been good to them; it's welcomed both their girls into the world and kept them safe and warm. It's exciting to move on to the next thing but I imagine it's also an emotional thing to leave your family's first home (even if the bedroom is only three inches bigger than the bed :)).

But, big house or little house, it's clear that wherever little Miss Cora lives, she will be well-loved!